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My Philosophy:

Chi is a Chinese word meaning aliveness, life force energy or life breath.

For my German Friends:

Ich bin gerne bereit Eure Fragen auf Deutsch zu beantworten und auch Ketten nach Europa zu versenden! Schickt mir einfach ein Email!



Since I am not only a professional jeweler but also hold 3 different master titles in Energy Healing, I infuse my beads with the flow of the Universal Energy- the Chi.

My beads are made by creating art while letting healing energy flow through my hands, My vision is to reconnect mankind with the Universe and to find healing deep within us.This is where the true healing begins.

When you choose your necklace, you will find the color, which belongs to you by listening to your intuition and heart.

I never create more than two necklaces alike to keep them unique and to hold the balance of duality. You and only one counterperson will ever wear a similar pair. Duality is an important factor in our Universe- male and female, Yin and Yang, night and day.

The necklaces with a middle piece are all one of a kind. Some feature the face of a healing guide of mine. They carry duality within themselves through the two beads adjoining the middle part.

Before I mail the necklace out to you, I infuse it with more healing energy sealed in for you. If you like you can tell me an ailment I should focus on. This way it is personalized specifically for you. (And yes- I DO seal it with a kiss :)

And- if you see something which is already sold but you really like it- contact me- I will try to create something similar- just for you!


The Technique


I am forming my beads with an old Venetian technique called "Millefiori", which means "a thousand flowers". To meet the power of nature within the meaning of Millefiori, I unite the commonly used material -Polymer Clay- with semi precious stones of Mother Nature and Sterling clasps. Coming from the jewelry trade as a family tradition, I string the necklaces in a manner of placing a knot of silk in between every bead. If a string should ever break, you will not loose any beads.


About Myself


I was born in Austria into a family of artists. (This is where I get my strange humor.) After I got my degree as a Gold and Silversmith, which was the family trade, I moved to Capetown, South Africa to practice my skills. In 1989 I arrived in the USA and started my career in Miami as a freelance artist, jeweler, Energy Field Healer- and Human Being (the later being the hardest.)

I hold 3 different certified Master titles in Energy Healing and felt the urge to combine my two passions- the arts AND healing- oh -and the use of a lot of happy colors:) Think of it as getting a Reiki session every time you wear your necklace...


In 2003 my family and I decided to move out of the "big city" and raise our two children in a smaller community in Southwest Florida. My beads won several prizes and are sold in the USA as well as in Europe.


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